Network Marketing vs. MLMs

Network Marketing and MLMs

Though these programs are similar in structure, network marketing and MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing) have significant differences. Both offer people seeking work at home business opportunities a program for selling services or products, plus recruiting new members to sell the product, which often is more profitable than selling the products.

Network marketing and MLMs both require a distributor network to build the business. Many network marketing programs are like MLMs because they offer such payouts at more than one level.

Network Marketing vs. MLM Programs

The main difference between network marketing and an MLM is that legitimate network marketing programs emphasize selling the products or service and don’t go overboard on selling memberships or distributorships. One good example of a profitable network program is Kyani, which markets superfood based dietary supplements recommended by nutritionists. Other examples of legit network marketing programs are Tupperware and Avon.

A Multi-Level Marketing program that focuses on recruiting new members over actually sales of the products often crashes at some point, like a Ponzi scam.

So do your homework and due diligence when researching these kinds of businesses. One thing to look for is the company’s age. Very few of the thousands of such programs have lasted more than ten years, as Kyani Products did in 2015. You want a company that is also continuing to grow.


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