Pomegranate Berries

Pomegranate’s Amazing Anti-oxidant Powers

The juice and seeds of the pomegranate fruit contain a powerful anti-oxidant and other nutrients.Pomegranate seeds, juice and supplements contain more anti-oxidant power than acai berries, cranberry juice, acai juice, red wine, grape juice, and other superfoods or fruits. The anti-oxidant punicalagin is found only in pomegranate seeds, juice and powder.

A red fruit that originated in ancient Persia, pomegranate’s main ingredient, punicalagin has been proven to help the heart and blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Its anti-inflammatory effects might help prevent cancer (studies already indicate this, and more research is ongoing). Pomegranate seeds, in two tests, have proven effective in treating prostate cancer by reducing the increase of PSA.

Where to Buy Pomegranates and Supplements

Pomegranates are sold at many grocery stores. Supplements and juices are sold in most health food stores and online. This superfruit is one of the ten super food ingredients in Kyani Sunrise, a beverage. Find out more about Kyani Sunrise with the link below:

Kyani Products


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