Fish Oil and Omega-3

Fish oil, loaded with Omega-3, which studies by The UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition said “large body of evidence” suggests that fish oil in oily fish such as salmon, lowers the possibility of heart disease. The Omega-3 fatty acid – the GOOD fat — in fish oil can reduce blood pressure and arterial fat build-up. Fish oil has been said to help with age-related vision loss, prostate cancer and dementia, though the results are less conclusive that with cardiovascular problems.

In addition to Omega-3, fish oil contains B vitamins, protein, vitamin D, selenium and protein. Nutritionists recommend eating oily fish twice weekly for the Omega-3 it contains. You can also get Omega-3 in fish oil supplements.

A product called Kyani Sunset is a popular way to obtain the benefits of Omega-3, as it is made with Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Kyani Sunset also contains Beta Carotene (natural Vitamin A) and tocotrienols. It is designed to deliver unique nutritional support to your body’s vital systems, including cell health and support for the cardiovascular and immune systems. For more information about Kyani Sunset, see the site below:

Health benefits of Kyani dietary supplements such as Sunrise and Sunset can help with many health problems and lower the risk of some of them.


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