What are Superfoods?

Super Foods and Nutritional Supplements

Superfoods are foods, fruits and berries with a high concentration of anti-oxidants, minerals, minerals and other nutrients the may lower the risk of various diseases and health conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Some superfoods are said to increase longevity and make people feel better overall.

Blueberries, acasi, baobab fruit powers, kale, spinach and pomegranate seeds are good examples of super foods. A healthy, balanced diet will include five-ten superfoods, but many people use nutritional supplements to get a mega-dose of the healthy ingredients they contain.

Others include: red raspberry, pomegranate seeds, Concord grapes, cranberry, wolfberry, bee pollen, noni, aloe vera and the seeds and skin of grapes. Omega-3 fat in salmon and sardines is one reason many nutritionists, such as David Wolfe, call them superfoods.


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