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Lose Weight with New Superfood ?

The Queen Garnet plum resulted in weight loss in rats in a recent study of this new superfood from Australia. Like super fruits and foods such as blueberries and strawberries, this super plum has extremely high levels of Anthocyanin.

This anti-oxidant, found in many superfoods, lowers oxidative stress in the body’s cells, the reason many nutritionists recommend superfoods such as blueberries.

Research at the University of Southern Queensland resulted in evidence of this berry’s potential for losing weight. However, further research must be conducted before this claim can be positively verified. At least they taste good!


Get Your Kids to Eat Superfoods

Kids notoriously shun healthy superfoods such as kale and spinach. A recent Ecowatch story has many tips on how to get your kids to eat superfoods.

Make Superfood Smoothies

Adding kale to a smoothie is one trick. You can also grind nuts and seeds into a powder, keep it frozen and sprinkle it on food. Pumpkin seeds and almond seeds are two natural superfoods that can be “powderized” so your kids won’t even know they are eating them.

Superfoods and Your Kids

Matcha Tea from Japan a Big Hit in UK

New Superfood Trend in UK

Matcha tea, with up to five times more anti­oxidants than green tea or any other tea, is fast becoming the most popular superfood tea in the UK. This superfood tea is supposed to support the immune system, reduce cholesterol and have other health benefits.

“Matcha is rich in L-theanine, a rare amino acid that actually promotes a state of relaxation and well-being by acting upon the brain’s functioning,” says Hussam El Batta, senior brand manager for Argo Tea in The National, a UK publication.

“…L-theanine creates alpha waves, which lead to a state of relaxed alertness,” he added. Matcha tea might have five times more of this amino acid than black and green teas.

Matcha tea originated in Japan, where it is marketed in the form of a fine powder that dissolves in water. It has also become popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Eventually match tea could reach the United States, where the market for such superfoods is booming.

New Superfood: Baobab Fruit

Baobab Tree from AfricaRemember The Little Prince and his obsession with baobab trees? Turns out that baobab, a fruit from a tree in South Africa, is a superfood with 20 times the amount of anti-oxidants as acai and goji berries, six times as much Vitamin C as an orange, and has lots of fiber. Even better: it contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that can lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease.

A regular part of the diet in South Africa, baobab is eaten there and sold as a freeze-dried powder in some health food stores in the USA and UK. But call your local businesses first, for baobab is not as well known or distributed as superfoods like acai berries and blueberries.

Baobab Fruit Powder from Africa

It first emerged onto the global market in 2008, but the international financial melt-down put a dent in the hopes of exporters in South Africa, Mali and other nations there. A push has begun to reintroduce this unique superfood in the USA and Europe.

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